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Please consider becoming a Sponsor or Donor of the

73rd Grand Highland Military Ball

We welcome donations to the CHRFF year-round to help support the regimental family, our soldiers, veterans, cadet program and soldiers' families. If you would like your donation to be associated with the 73rd Grand Highland Military Ball in 2023, please indicate this with your donation.

The 73rd Grand Highland Military Ball proudly raises funds for The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation (CHRFF), a charitable, non-profit organization that supports the Regiment and its soldiers, veterans and families, as well as our affiliated cadet corps and the preservation of the Regiment's history.

Please consider becoming one of our generous donors and sponsors of this event.

Patron     ~     $10,000  and up

                                        Special mention from the podium by the HCol.

                                        Recognition on our website and event program
                                        One table (10 tickets) to the Ball

Benefactor  ~ $8,000

                                        Recognition on our website and event program

                                        Eight (8) tickets to the Ball

Sustainer   ~   $6,000

                                        Recognition on our website and event program
                                        Six (6) tickets to the Ball

Partner      ~    $2,000

                                       Recognition on our website and event program
                                       Two (2) tickets to the Ball

Provider     ~    $1,000

                                      Recognition on our website and event program
                                      One (1) ticket to the Ball

Gratitude to the Calgary Highlanders ~ $250*

                                      I am/we are sending a soldier or veteran to the Ball

                                     Recognition on our website and event program

                                     Purchase a ticket for a Soldier or Veteran

Thankful   ~  Any Amount

                                     Recognition on our website

All donation amounts over $25 will receive a charitable tax receipt. * Please note that once the number of donated tickets has been fully utilized, donations of this type exceeding soldier/veteran needs will be converted to direct donations to the CHRFF with our deepest gratitude.


This remarkable Ball supports the Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation (CHRFF) by allowing us to sustain the men and women of the Calgary Highlanders and their families. As Canadians, we have all faced a challenging year and a half with the pandemic affecting our daily lives. Like you, these soldiers have committed to proudly serve their community while continuing to be very active throughout these challenging times. 


We recently had 25 soldiers and officers in Latvia as part of the continued mission of NATO support in that country and have also had Highlanders in Iraq and Ukraine. Closer to home, we have had over 60 soldiers ready for Alberta's military pandemic response.


Whether it is care packages sent to our soldiers in Latvia, funds to support our leaders of tomorrow through the cadet program, or essential funds to help our family association's needs, the Foundation is proud to provide for these remarkable citizen-soldiers. The Foundation's Board are all volunteers and are so grateful for your generosity as we serve with passion and purpose.

​​The Calgary Highlanders and their families need Calgary's support. Through your donations to the Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation, our citizen-soldiers and families will be provided with the support they need to maintain happy and healthy lives and relationships as they serve Canada abroad.


Donations of any amount to the CHRFF are appreciated, with our sincere thanks. To make your donation by cheque and to arrange for tickets, please contact us at: contact 

Thank you again for supporting our serving women and men, our officers, veterans, soldiers, cadets and families of our Regiment. We hope to see you for the 73rd Grand Highland Military Ball.


Lauchlan Currie


HCol, The Calgary Highlanders
Co-Chair, ARC Financial Corp

Brian Parker


HLCol, The Calgary Highlanders
President and CEO, Acumen Capital Partners


Private event for invited guests and members.

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