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Thank you to all of our Patrons, Benefactors, Builders, Sustainers, Partners, Providers,  Gratitude to the Calgary Highlanders and Thankful Supporters of the

72 Grand Highland Military Ball

On behalf of  Honorary Colonel Lauchlan Currie, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Brian Parker and Commanding Officer of the Calgary Highlanders, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Beauchamp, we thank you  for your support of the Calgary Highlanders through the 72 Grand Highland Military Ball.


To donate to the  72 Grand Highland Military Ball, please visit our Donations Page or use the links at the bottom of this page. 

Patron: gift of $10,000 or more




Benefactor's: gift of $8,000 or more






Builder's: gift of $6,000 or more

Sustainer's: gift of $4,000 or more

Partner's: gift of $2,000 or more

Provider's: gift of $1,000 or more



Gratitude to the Calgary Highlanders: Ticket for Veteran or Serving  Soldier

Thankful: Any Amount

With the exception of donated tickets for veterans or serving soldiers, all donation amounts over $25 will receive a charitable tax receipt. We thank you again for your commitment to Calgary's serving men and women and their families, our veterans and cadets.

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